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Cavitation Treatment

40K Cavitation Principle

Ultrasonic cavitation, or simply cavitation, is transmitted from the low-frequency sound waves into the skin and causes a biological phenomenon consisting of the formation of bubbles between fat cells. This produces a shock wave that selectively destroys the cell membrane of fat cells (adipocytes). Adipose tissue (fat cell membrane) breaks down and transforms. Finally, it is metabolized by enzymes into glycerol and free fatty acids. After the cavitation process, the excess fat liquid is excreted through the urinary system without causing damage to surrounding organs or tissues. Patients can see the results of the treatment immediately by measurements and photos before and after treatment.

What Is Cavitation?

Cavitation liposuction is a new, non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure,the advanced technology for weight loss, it applies the 40k frequency ultrasonic which can fast broken the target fat cells, most of client indicated they can removal 3-5cm fat after the treatment. But use the combine functions with radio frequency, vacuum will get better and faster result.


What Is Cavitation Treatment?

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is a method to body shape, uses to reduce the stubborn fat bags those can not removal by diet or exercise. It is the full body cellulite removal and body shapping treatment, which can break down the cellulite and metabolism from body to get the fat loss result.


How Does The Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment Work?

Ultrasonic Caviatation is a new procedure that helps people to removal unwanted fat, it is painless and safe. Cavitation treatment applies the low frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells, once the fat cells was destroyed, will turn into protein, then fatty acids and glycerol, and this kind of fatty acids and glycerol will removal from body by usual metabolism. Then get the result of body weight loss, body shapping.

It is preferred for people who do not want to accept extreme options such as liposuction because it does not involve any needles or surgery.

Before and after



What Is Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 And How Does It Work?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive and painless treatment for weight loss that uses low-frequency ultrasound to destroy fat cells, which can result in fat loss in the treated area. 

Cavitation is a high-frequency wave directs at fat cells and affects fat cells, it will cause the fat cells breaking into fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids enter into the liver where they break down, and glycerol is delivered to the blood to provide energy to the body. Finally the fat loss and the weight loss.

The new technology is called Unoisetion cavitation 2.0, which reduced 3 times of the buzzing noise in the ears when people are doing cavitation treatment. It brings a better fat cavitation machine slimming experience for people. The radio frequency helps reduce cellulite and tightens the loose skin after removing cellulite. 


 Treatment area

Belly, thigh, arm, could not use on the back of body.


Treatment program recommend

Usually we will suggestion 10 session for the treatment, each session about 40-60minutes, 2-3 times each week.